Diverse, Inclusive Spiritual Direction for All!


Statement on Diversity of Clientele

I provide an inclusive and welcoming environment to clients of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, socio-economic or educational backgrounds, racial or ethnic backgrounds, religious/spiritual affiliations or nonaffiliations. I engage in ongoing diversity education, and self-reflection to ensure that I am best able to be inclusive of all forms of diversity.

Spiritual Life Coaching, Direction, and Companionship

Spiritual Director


I am a  certified (Haden Institute) Spiritual Director in the Jungian,  Contemplative, Mystical,  and Christian tradition. Direction is really a bit of a misnomer as a Spiritual Director doesn’t really direct anything. We are more like spiritual coaches or companions. 

Have you ever had a desire for something in life that you just can’t identify or put your finger on? Have you had a sense that there is something life-giving available to you, but are unsure how to find or obtain it? Are you seeking the ‘more’ to life? It can be a wonderful and exciting journey! I like to call it, ‘Facilitating the art of Spiritual Union with Reality.’

The interesting  thing  is that  we  were  born  in  spiritual  union with  God, and as we  mature  we  tend  to lose  that  union. The  logo  above  is  called  ‘Sankofa,’  and it  is a  symbol  from  Ghana. It  loosely  means,  ‘to  go  back  and  get  what  was  lost  while continuing  to  move forward.’ That, I  think  is  a  great  discription  of  what  can  happen  with  spiritual  direction!  Please  contact  me  if  you  are  interested  in  checking to  see  if  spiritual  direction  is  for  you.  The  first  session  is  always  free  as  we  discern  whether  or  not  we  are  the  right  fit  for  spiritual  companioning.  We  can  meet  if  you  are  in  the  Safford  or  Tucson  area,  or  we  can  do  a  Zoom  get  together.

What is Spiritual Direction or Coaching


Spiritual Life Coaching or direction is an art form which includes Holy listening, spiritual companionship, and mutual discernment along with other elements  such  as  the  enneagram. The goals of taking part in spiritual direction include growing in your relationship with God, growing your relationship with yourself, growing your relationships with others, and spiritual healing. This is accomplished by becoming more aware of the ways in which God reaches out to you in your every day life. We learn to listen to that still, small, voice, or the movement of God’s Spirit as we go through our day. We learn to identify and trust our own experiences of God. We learn where and how to seek God. We share life’s deeper issues, our hopes, our struggles, and our joys. We learn to include God in our difficult choices. During  spiritual  direction  we  often  encounter  those  ah-ha  moments  that  feel so  good.  There  are  so  many  diverse  and  varied  things  we  can  learn  about  ourselves  and  others  through spiritual  direction.

What Spiritual Direction is not.


Spiritual Direction is not traditional therapy or counseling, although elements of both may come into play. The spiritual director does not give answers, but facilitates the directee to find their own answers. With traditional therapy or counseling, the focus is on emotional healing or learning coping skills, and your spiritual life may  or  may  not  be a part of that process. 

In spiritual direction, the focus is on understanding your true self as created in the image of God and understanding your relationship to spirit. This provides for deeper healing at the root of the issues and more meaning in life.  

Perhaps You Have a Tough Decision to Make

Sometimes we can find it really difficult to make a tough decision. We may find ourselves in the quagmire of the ‘right thing to do.’ Sometimes we need help to see if it our ego making the decision for us. The ego often makes the wrong decision it comes out of the false self rather than the true self which is connected to God. Click below and see if these decision making steps can help.