About Me


Who Am I?

That’s a question many of us ask throughout our lives, right? The  thing is that most of us aren’t living the live of who we really are. Instead, we find ourselves running a program that was coded from the time we began to receive human input. We developed our own ego and personality which are really defense mechanisms we use to automatically navigate through life in our environment. I am one that found this ‘false’ self or life not to be working out for me any longer, and so I began a journey. This is a journey that I hope leads me closer and closer to my true self.


So, a little background. I am a follower of Jesus . I have been an electronics technichain, a test engineer on rocket and satalite motors, a supervisor of test operations for what is now ATK/Orbital, a United Methodist Pastor, an American Baptist Pastor, and now a Spiritual Director, writer, fan of the enneagram, and professional student. I have been married, divorced, remarried, a current husband, father, and grandfather. My wife (a United Methodist pastor) and I live in and love Arizona. We both feel the calling of the desert. “The Desert will lead you to your heart where I will speak.” (Hosea 2:14)


Why this site?

Faith has been a journey for me, and I have learned a great deal. But not without a lot of help. I began by reading the Christian Mystics such as St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, Fr. Thomas Merton, Fr, Richard Rohr, and many others. I also read some of the mystics of different faith traditions including Buddhist, Jewish, and Muslim (Sufi), Native American and found that at the mystic level all faith traditions are seeking the source of  life  and love. Please don’t be worried about the word mystic. It simply means an inner experience of God. So, you will find here  some  of  the  services I  offer, some of my thoughts  and  writings  (my  blog), and things that may help others in their journey.